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B i o g r a p h y

Early Life

Born in 1990, Annebelle Dewitte, started playing the drums from the age of 7. Convinced at an early age to become a drummer, she asked for Christmas her first drum kit.

The following year her career took flight and she started playing the drums, took lessons and played in her first high school band.

Education and first projects

Annebelle started her professional education in 2009 at the KASK Conservatory of Ghent. Two years later, she continued her education with lecturer Pieter Bast and Stéphane Galland at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.
In 2016 Annebelle graduated as a Master of Arts in Music, with a major in Jazz/light music.

Annebelle Dewitte timbales

She was inspired and mentored by the likes of Frank Nuyts, Wim Koninck, Koen Lieckens, Steven Cassiers,  Diederik Wissels, Pieter Bast, Stéphane Galland and Kris Defoort.

Annebelle participated in different summer internships and Masterclasses with amongst others JoJo Mayer, Dom Famularo and Peter Erskine. 


As drummer she plays in various genres such as rock, POP, jazz, crossover classic, swing, big band and Latin music.

As well as playing the traditional drum kit, Annebelle also took percussion lessons with Martin Gort, where she specialized in timbales and small percussion.


Annebelle gets a lot of inspiration of drummers as Ari Hoenig, Peter Erskine, Jeff Hamilton & Jo Jo Mayer.


Currently, Annebelle is touring with different music bands and theatre shows, as freelancer or as a member of the band.

D i s c o g r a p h y

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