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T h e  A d v e n t  o f  M a r c h

Ghent based prog-rock band.

After four years, having performed in Belgium and beyond, been heard on radio and seen on TV, The Advent of March, formerly known as Al di Miseria, decided time had come to record their first full album.

Maxwell's Delusion is a concept album about three people; picking up the slack and almost immediately dropping it again. A concept album, almost resembling somewhat of an opera, almost, but not quite.

The album was recorded with Koen Gisen as producer and was released on September 19th under Homerecords. 

Helene Bracke (vocals)
Annelies Heyvaert  (flutes)
Tine Allegaert (keys)
Nicky Frissyn (classical guitar & bass)
Jeroen De Brauwer (electric guitar, bass & vocals)
Annebelle Dewitte (drums & SFX)

Annebelle Dewitte the advent of march Al di miseria
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