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B a n d a  B r u s e l a s

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Annebelle Dewitte drums timbalera Banda Bruselas

Banda Bruselas is an international Salsa Big band project under the direction of Peter Van Marle as part of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels activity. 
The band plays classical and modern salsa-hits, a combination of the "Fania Records-Era (WIllie Colon, Ruben Blades, Eddie Palmeiri,...) as well as some Cuban groups (Irakere, Los Van Van, Bamboleo, ...). 

Put on your dancing shoes and dance to the rousing Latin-American sound of Banda Bruselas.

Peter Van Marle - leader, percussion, backings  [NL]

Leander Moens - vocals [BE]

Aneta Nayan - vocals [PL] 

Pepa Niebla - vocals [ES]

Peter Van Marle - piano [NL]
Hananja Van Marle - bass [NL]

Annebelle Dewitte - timbales [BE]
Adriaan De Vis - Congas  [BE]
Pit Huberty - bongos  [LU]

Quinten De Craecker - trombone [BE]
Karolina Ponomarenkaite - trombone [LT]
Dieter Vaganée - alto sax [BE]
 Jany Van Lul - trumpet [BE]
Mo Franken - trumpet [BE]


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